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Some of the Stats build.

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1 Some of the Stats build. on Thu Oct 16, 2008 11:21 pm

[1] Basic Build Definitions

[2] Character Building Evaluation

[3] Stat Evaluation
3A Strength
3B Dexterity
3C Intellect
3D Endurance
3E Charisma
3F Luck

[4] Recommended Stat Development for Each Build (To be updated)
4A Pure Mage
4B Battle Mage
4C Power Hybrid
4D Balanced Hybrid
4E Mystical Warrior
4F Pure Warrior
4G Ranger
4H BeastMaster Mage
4I BeastMaster Hybrid
4J BeastMaster Warrior
4K Annihilator Mage
4L Annihilator Hybrid
4M Annihilator Warrior
4N Tank Mage
4O Tank Hybrid
4P Tank Warrior


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