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Tank builds and why to be tank

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1 Tank builds and why to be tank on Thu Oct 16, 2008 11:42 pm

15) Tank Hybrid

This hybrid type character is can do extremely powerful magic and melee damage along with excellent durability. But it has greatly sacrificed its blocking ability for it.

STR 150
DEX 50
INT 150
END 150

16) Tank Warrior

This Warrior type character can do extremely powerful melee damage along with excellent durability. But it has greatly sacrificed its blocking ability for it.

STR 200
DEX 150
END 150

The Tank Builds

This type of character is raised in a similar way to their regular mage/hybrid/warrior counterparts but focuses to train END. They excel at doing long quests (without healing) and Perferct Killing.

HP-scaling is being gradually removed by the KoO now, so don't let HP-scaling monsters stop you from changing to these builds.

I've separated these builds from the mainstream because:

The Annihilator Builds

(1) They have excellent destructive power and accuracy which allows them to complete most training/farming battles faster than other builds.

(2) Their lack of HP is compensated by their high dodging ability in the majority of battles. However, they crumble faster than any other build against the top monsters of the game. This occurs because these monsters are accurate enough to overcome the annihilators' high blocking ability and heavy damage really digs into the limited HP that these guys have. Also these top monsters have large amounts of HP meaning they can easily survive a few beatings from the an annihilator.

The Tank Builds

(1) They have excellent durability, ideal for long quests and challenges such as The Final Challenge, and also farming due to their high END, they can neglect defences and focus on offence.

(2) But, they max their attack stats slower than other builds as they have to focus on END.

These contradictory features make it difficult to compare these builds to the mainstream.

In terms of battle performance, speed/ease of training:
Annihilator Mage > Annihilator Hybrid > Annihilator Warrior
Tank Mage > Tank Hybrid > Tank Warrior

The Annihilator Hybrid is slightly less accurate and has significantly less blocking ability than the Annihilator Mage.

The Annihilator Warrior is harder to raise than the other Annihilators due to a very limited use of Heal Wounds. They will have more dependence on potions.

The Tank Mage is excellent for quests with regular healing: just 'sit' in a defensive armor such as Gilded Plate or Shadow Cloak and spellcast.

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