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TPPC AutoAttacker Guide! (Hyper fast levels without training yourself)

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First, go to and Sign Up. When Signed Up Press Downloads at the left side. Make a folder on your computer (with any name). In Downloads press TPPC AutoAttacker under TPPC Cheats. Press download and save it into the folder you made. If you don't have WinRAR, download it (search for WinRAR on Google). Open the .zip file you downloaded from and extract the file directly to the folder you made (for example C:/Documents/My_Folder, or whatever it says and not C:/Documents/My_Folder/AA7007). Now press downloads again, next press Miscellaneous Files And press on the file highest up ("Microsoft Winsock Control (MSWINSCK.OCX)") and save it and extract it as you did with the other .zip file. Go back to Miscellaneous Files and press the file with your operative system (If you have Windows XP or Windows 2000, press "Microsoft Script Control (MSSCRIPT.OCX)") and save it and extract it exact the same way as before with the 2 the other files you downloaded. Open your folder that you've made (or atleast should have made) and run the third file you downloaded (if you have Windows XP or 2000 run/open MSSCRIPT.OCX) and press yes or accept or whatever that means that you accept. It should say you have installed some windows script or something. I should ask you to restart your computer for the script to take effect. Restart your computer. Run AA7007 (the file you extracted first. Enter your username and password and press verify. It Should Popup a popup message that says something about Temporary fix version. Enter your TPPC login and password and enter the trainer ID of the trainer you want to autobattle. Go to tppc.messed again and press Scripts and Utilities (under downloads). press Read More. choose single and your attack then Generate Strategy and copy the code that appears and open notepad. Paste the code into notepad and press "save as". Choose all files in the format and save it as anything you want but you MUST have .stf after the name. Go to AA7007 again and press load strategy file (.stf), choose your .stf file you made and press open . Press start and there you go I starts autobattling. If you need a list of good training accounts, here i got one!

If your AutoAttacker doesn't work scroll down to the bottom for further info!

Trainer #1054571 - Team Magma - Chansey x6 Level: 5 - Experience: 469 - Money: $1122
Trainer #1326216 - Team TPPC - Blisseys x6 Levels: 19-55
Trainer #932373 - - Blissey x6 Level: 25+ - Experience: 4973 - Money: $994.
Trainer #966065 - Team Magma - Chansey x6 Level: 53 - Experience: 9938 - Money: $1987.
Trainer #999253 - Team Magma - Blissey x6 Level: 80 - Exp: 15300 - Money: $3060 ($6120)
Trainer #572534 - Team Magma - Chansey x5 Level: 90 - Experience: 16875 - Money: $3375.
Trainer #1113640 -Team Magma - N.S.D Blissey x6 Level: ~150 - Exp: 172352 - Money: 34468
Trainer #1903002 - Team Aqua - Happiny x6 Level: 192
Trainer #1325349 - Team Magma - N.S.D Blissey x6 Level: 200
Trainer #780590 - Team Rocket - Blissey x3 Level: 201 - Experience: 39195 - Money: $7839.
Trainer #924714 - Team Aqua - Blissey x6 Level: 250 - Exp: 71718 -Money: $114744
Trainer #489507 - Team Rocket - D.Blissey x6 Level: 300 - Experience: 60750 - Money: $12150.
Trainer #913641 - Team Magma - D/S/N Blissey/Chansey x6 Level: 350 - Experience: 67331 - Money: $14139.
Trainer #620891 - Team Rocket - D/S/N Blissey/Chansey x6 Level: 352-518 - Experience Max: 101010 - Money: $20202.
Trainer #774595 - Team Rocket - Blissey x6 Level: 500-502 - Experience Max: 95816 - Money: $19163.
Trainer #119507 - Team Magma - DarkBlissey x6 Level: 500 - Experience Each: 94125 - Money: $94125 Altogether.
Trainer #995561 - Team Rocket - S.Chansey x6 Level: 725-727
Trainer #705180 - Team Aqua - D.Blissey x6 Level: 830-1000 - Experience: 173948 - Money: $34789.
Trainer #1328976 - Team Aqua - S.Blissey x6 Level: 6x 1,000 - Experience: 1,170,000 total - Money: $234,000 total.
Trainer #546526 - Team Magma - D.Chansey x4/D.Blissey x2 Level: 1000-1120 - Experience Up to: 222600 - Money: $44520.
Trainer #1004223 - Team Magma - DarkBlissey level: 1500 x6 - Experience Up to: 282752 - Money: $56550
Trainer #498042 - Team Aqua - S.Chansey x6 Level: 1506-1575 Experience: 288023 - 301410 - Money: $57604 - $60282.
Trainer #1728932 - Team Rocket - DarkBlissey x6 level 1953
Trainer #607667 - Team Aqua - D.Blissey x6 Level: 1958 -2176 - Experience: 398925 - Money: $79785.
Trainer #961984 - Team Magma - D.Chansey x6 Level: 2000-2016 - Experience: 2392554 - Money:$478508
Trainer #482301 - Team Rocket - S.Blissey x6 Level: 2500 Experience: 487500 - Money: $97500.
Trainer #403525 -Team Magma - D.Blissey x6 Level ~3470-~3580 - Exp: 4278827 - Money: $855763
Trainer #1113217 - Team TPPC - D/S Blissey x6 Level 2499-~4510 Experience 5277780 - Money: $640236.

For super fast levels without getting banned, make a new account and lvl up a pokemon to atleast 250. Make a .stf with the move doublekick generated. Open AA7007, verify (type your tppc messed account username and password and click verify) and login with your new TPPC account. Load your doublekick strategy file and put the account ID 913641 into the trainer ID input. Open 5-15 AA7007's and do the same as you did with the first one. Start all. Keep your computer on with a screensaver at night. trade the pokemon to your old account, don't do this too late cause your new account that you used will get banned after a couple of days.
In this way I got one of my pokemon to level 3500 in just 2 days

If your AA7007 doesn't work (either it says authorization error or just never stop loading) do this: Go to miscellaneuos files again and choose the one at the bottom ("Microsoft Common Dialog Control (COMDLG32.OCX)") and save and extract to c:\Windows\system32 then go to run in the start bar and type (or just copy and paste): "regsvr32 c:\Windows\system32\comdlg32.ocx" without the ". It should work now.

There may be more that I can write about (not how to run and install AA7007 but more guides) but I can't recall anything else right now.

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so created a new one.

here is pic of new aa

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your right 7.0 died
but the new one doesn't work i need some DDL's

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