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Why should u be Annihilator?

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1 Why should u be Annihilator? on Thu Oct 16, 2008 11:32 pm

+ This type of character is raised in a similar way to their regular mage/hybrid/warrior counterparts until the mid/high levels when you start to untrain END (big time). They're excellent for farming and can gather rewards faster than the pure mage (except for the warrior annihilator).

+ Why train and later untrain END? Because you need END to support you in those harder low levels.

+These can be quite easy to train, just keep a close eye on the HP and heal after each RA battle. Steer away from the top monsters of the game (Carnax, Mythical Warrior, Klubber the Undead Dude, etc.) (watch out for Megogg and (Undead) ArMegoggon as well).


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